For your new bedroom


We at Homestyle4u offer a wide range of moderns beds, matching bedside tables, various bed accessories, screens sowie benches and stools. Our stylish products are suitable for every interior design taste and provide relaxing dreams and. It is particularly important that you feel comfortable and secure in your bedroom. Your favorite place for dreams should not be without a comfortable bed, a slatted frame and a good mattress. Bedside tables, carpets, benches and stools on which clothes can be placed are also important for a feel-good atmosphere. With comfortable bed linen and a soft duvet, you are guaranteed to spend pleasant hours in your cuddling zone.

Enjoy relaxed nights in your new retreat and make it your personal dream factory with suitable bedroom products and cosy candles. Whether alone, as a couple or for the whole family - with our bedroom products you can create your new cuddling area. Furnish your bedroom almost completely with our furniture and receive the products within a few days by free delivery to your home.


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Different materials for different beds


Our wooden beds made of solid pine wood put you in a rural and natural atmosphere. Sturdy metal beds with curved decorations will take you to the province of France. The romantic iron details artistically embellish the solid bed frame. Our modern upholstered beds with fabric coverings in woven polyester structure with headboard also invite you to spend cosy reading hours. Carpet or curtains should be in a similar colour world as the bed. Our beds made of the natural product bamboo provide an Asian bedroom feeling and put you in a tropical holiday mood.


What size bed should I take?


Depending on the size of the room and the number of people, you can choose between a bed width of 90 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm or 180 cm in our online shop. If you have a smaller bedroom, you should fall back on space-saving beds like single beds. For more storage space, beds incl. bed base are also suitable. In small rooms, beds with a narrow edge fit perfectly into your room concept. In larger bedrooms you can also place 2 bedside tables next to the bed. High head and footboards provide a real eye-catcher in the bedroom and provide that certain extra. You have a combined bedroom and living room? No problem - in this case we recommend our functional sofa beds. Depending on the room situation, they can be quickly converted into a sofa bed or a seat. So you have a fold-out sleeping possibility for yourself and your visitors. You can use the small multifunctional couch as a sleeping function and at the same time as a seat for cozy TV evenings.


Things to know about sleeping


Did you know that people spend more than 1/3 of their lives in bed? Therefore, it is very important for your health to purchase a suitable slatted frame and a high-quality mattress in addition to your bed frame.

Did you know that according to a survey, one in eight adults in Germany sleeps unclothed? It is unimaginable that even sleeping naked is healthier, as it makes it easier for us to fall asleep. Nevertheless, night clothes should be changed twice a week. By the way, bed linen should be changed every 3 weeks.

Every night we change our sleeping position up to 20 times and consume up to 60 calories per hour. We wake up about 28 times during the night and don't even notice it. On average it takes about 7 minutes for a person to fall asleep.


The correct cleaning of the bed


Over time, dust and mites can accumulate in the bed. For an easy basic cleaning of a wooden or metal bed, we recommend wiping it with a damp cloth. Upholstered beds can be easily vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. Regular cleaning of the mattresses is also recommended. Up to 1.5 million mites and bacteria can collect in the mattresses. For easy and simple cleaning, place the mattress in the sun twice a year on the balcony or terrace. The UV rays kill the mites. To prevent parasites from settling down in the first place, the bedding should be aired out for a few minutes in the morning. The trade association also recommends changing the mattress every 7 years.


Modern bedroom furniture at Homestyle4u


Our bedside tables in matching colors provide sufficient storage space for telephone or bedside lamps. Do you want to separate your sleeping and dressing area? Then simply use one of our many room dividers made of wood, bamboo or willow. If you have little space in your bedroom but don't want to do without anything, we can recommend one of our super soft sofa beds. In addition to a wide range of beds, we also have bedside tables, room dividers and upholstered benches for your individual oasis of peace. With our furniture for children, teenagers and adults you can furnish almost your entire bedroom. Our products are modern and especially suitable for young people. Due to the fast and free delivery you will receive our products within a few days. Find at Homestyle4u your new bedroom furniture at a reasonable price and good quality.





Bed Slats for Wooden Beds 90 x 200 cm pine wood

30 %
Paravent Room Divider Bamboo 200 x 250 cm Privacy Screen Spanish Wall
Colours: Natural

€69.95* €99.95*
Wooden bed 140 160 180 cm white or natural double bed futon bed frame solid wood
Colours: White | Größen: 180 cm x 200 cm

Variants from €149.95*
Pallet Bed Natural White 90x200 140x200 cm Wooden Bed Solid Wood Bed Futon Bed Pallet Furniture
Dimension: 90 x 200 cm | Colour: Weiß

wooden bed 120 x 200 cm white double bed

Upholstered Bed 90 120 140 160 180 x 200 cm Grey Futon Bed Frame Slatted Frame
Dimension: 140 x 200 cm | Colour: Grau

Variants from €79.95*
Upholstered Bed 90 120 140 160 180 x 200 cm Double Bed Fabric Bedstead Slatted Frame Anthracite
Dimension: 90 x 200 cm | Colour: Anthrazit

playbed housebed woodbed white 90 x 200cm

sofa bed sofa bed grey fold-out comfortable

Family bed wooden bed 270x200 cm Natural White Grey pallet bed Solid Frame Futon bed
Colour: Grau

Variants from €199.95*
Bedside table Bamboo Brown Sofa Table Nightstand

Paravent room divider 3 4 parts 2 m wood partition wall privacy screen brown
Dimension: 4-tlg 200cm x 172cm

Variants from €79.95*
Metal bed 140 160 180 x 200 Bed frame with slatted frame Double Bed Wood Black Brown
Dimension: 160 x 200 cm | Colour: Natur

Variants from €95.00*
Wooden bed youth bed 90 140 x 200 cm natural white with slatted frame children's bed day frame
Dimension: 140 x 200 cm | Colour: Weiß

Variants from €59.95*
4 part wood paravent 8034 light

Paravent room divider 3 4 5 6 parts partition wall Shoji Foldable Natural
Größen: 3 teilig 132 cm x 175 cm

Wooden Bed White Natural 70 90 140 x 200 cm Double Bed Single Bed Youth
Dimension: 140 x 200 cm | Colour: Weiß

Variants from €74.95*
Wall holder 5 colours Wall bracket Fixing for room divider Paravent
Colours: Schwarz

Variants from €17.95*
Kids Bed TIPI 90x200 cm White Grey Wooden Bed Optional Bed Drawer Indian Bed House Bed Play Bed
Dimension: 90 x 200 cm | Colour: Weiß mit Bettkasten

Variants from €149.95*
housebed woodbed woodbed grey 90 x 200cm

Paravent Room Divider 3 4 Parts Wood Partition Privacy Screen Brown
Dimension: 3-tlg 200cm x 132cm

Paravent Room Divider 3 or 4 Piece Partition Foldable Spanish Wall Privacy Screen Wood White
Dimension: 4 fach 175 cm x 173 cm

Variants from €79.95*
Upholstered Bed Bedside Table Slatted Frame Double Bed 140 160 180 x200 cm Bed Side Table Black Grey Brown
Betten / Nachttisch: Bett | Colours: grau | Größen: 160 x 200 cm

Variants from €65.00*
Paravent room divider 3 4 5 parts, wood black, rice paper white, cherry pattern
Größen: 4 teilig 176 cm x 175 cm

Variants from €69.95*
Slatted frame 140 160 180 x 200 slatted base pine solid wood bed Roll-up base
Dimension: 180 x 200 cm

Variants from €29.95*
Nightstand Bedside Cabinet Metal Side Table
Model: ST62 Schwarz

Variants from €30.95*
Bamboo Bed 140 160 180 200 cm Brown Solid Double Bed Natural Wooden Bed
Dimension: 140 x 200 cm

Paravent room divider 3 parts, natural wood, white rice paper, bamboo pattern, height 179 cm
Dimension: 6 teilig 264 x 179 cm

Variants from €69.95*
Metal bed 140 160 180 x 200 Bed frame with slatted frame Double Bed Wood Black Brown Natural
Dimension: 140 x 200 cm | Colour: Natur