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Definition Of A Screen A screen is a collapsible wall that can be placed anywhere as desired. The screen is also called a Spanish wall and is mainly suited for indoor use. It is used as a privacy screen or as a decorative room divider. The room divider consists of several frames, which are often connected by hinges or piano hinges. Because of the foldable hinges the room divider can be folded or unfolded to different degrees. Thus the privacy screen can be set up in almost any curvature. Frequent materials for the frames are for example rice paper, wallpaper or fabric. This makes the screen particularly light and can be folded up easily when not in use.


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Historical backround of our room dividers

Originally, screens come from Asia and are still used today in Chinese and Japanese traditional architecture. As practical design elements and true works of art, they have become deeply rooted in the living traditions of the Chinese and Japanese. In Japanese houses a strict room layout, as we know it in Europe, was rather rare. As a result, large rooms were divided by flexible room dividers to separate areas of space according to need and living situation. They came to Europe by sea around the 16th century. It is assumed that Spain and Portugal were the first colonies to enjoy Asian living objects. It is therefore assumed that the wall screen was named after them as the "Spanish wall". In the Spanish and French royal houses they were used there as a screen for dressing or sanitary facilities. The Asian origin is significantly involved in the current form and structure of today's room dividers. That is why many room dividers are characterised by Asian decorative elements and a natural construction method.

Function of the partition wall

A room divider for the interior makes it easy to divide rooms into separate areas and reorganise them. The Spanish wall offers a privacy screen in the bedroom or dressing room. It can also be used to decoratively separate residential units such as living or study rooms, thus providing the necessary privacy. Practice or office areas can also be divided with a screen. Even untidy corners can be concealed. With Paravent you can divide rooms according to your individual wishes and thus create resting places and oases of well-being. The comfortable partition walls create a secure room climate.

Materials of the screens

Transparent materials such as rice paper or shoji paper on the one hand allow natural daylight into the room, and on the other hand offer a certain marginal darkening on sunny days. Our foldable partitions made of wood and bamboo put your room in a traditional asian style of living and thus enchant your individual room project. Whether with Japanese rice paper, bamboo slats or carved decorations - your new japanese folding screen provides the optimal Feng Shui feeling. With us you can choose between the different materials bamboo, wood, metal, canvas or wicker. We have different colour models such as room dividers in white, natural, brown or black. Whether with colourful photo motifs, classic with rice paper and blossoming cherry blossoms or simply with wooden slats, we have a wide range of differently designed screens.

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Browse through our range of various opaque room dividers and discover the most diverse materials and sizes. In our online shop you can purchase many Asian but also classic variants for living and interior areas. With our matching wall holder you can easily mount your new room divider on the wall. For a better hold and more stability also the foot holder provides. With our room dividers you can quickly divide and rearrange rooms without having to have new walls installed in the room. We have a large selection of different partitions and you can divide your bedroom, living room or guest room as you wish. You can order the stylish decorative elements made of natural materials such as bamboo, wood, canvas or wicker in several colours and have them delivered to your home free of charge within Germany within a few days. Our room dividers are exclusively suitable for the interior and living area. You can choose between 3- and 6-part screens.