What is the right bed for your child's bedroom?

Choosing the right bed is not an easy task. Your child's bedroom needs to provide space for playing, a place to rest, and storage. Depending on the features that are important to you, we always have the right bed for you. If your child likes to play, our selection of teepee beds, house beds, and bunk beds are ideal. They will provide your child and their guests a cozy place and an adventure playground in the bedroom. Our bunk beds are practical and space-saving. With them, you can add space for guests or siblings, which is ideal for smaller spaces. Please note that the older child should sleep on top. Our bunk beds come with curtains in various styles, whether it's for a girl or a boy. Even a slide is available. For even more adventure, our bunk beds with tower will turn your child's bedroom into a new world.


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The side panels of the bunk bed make it safe even when the sleeper tosses and turns. Another advantage is the space under the bed which can be used as a play area or for storage. The single bed is space-saving and available in several sizes. With a sleeping area of over 120 cm, the bed can be used until adolescence. During the day, it provides a quiet zone for reading or listening to music. In the evening, it offers enough space for dreaming and sleeping. The free space above the bed can also be used for a shelf. If you are short on space, our beds with a pull-out drawer are the ideal choice. With them you can simply add storage space for everyday items without reducing the room size. These are especially useful in sloping ceilings, where tall cupboards are not possible. With the extra space, the room looks tidier at the same time.

The right size for the wooden bed

The dimensions of the bed depend on the age, growth and preferences of your child. With us you have the choice of the most common sizes. For 0 to 3 years, use a baby or junior bed with a fall protection. From 4-6, the sizes 80x160cm and 70x140cm are sensible. In the age of 6-12, 90x120cm youth beds may be an option. From 12 they are usually essential. To make the right choice for your child, it is important to decide individually according to body size. Another factor in the choice can be the duration of use.

Bed accessories make the functional bed perfect

The accessories for the children's furniture are essential for a good night's sleep. Our wooden beds generally include a slatted frame. The only exception is bunk beds, which are available separately. Furthermore, the right mattress is important. These are available separately. We offer foam mattresses in 90cm, 120cm and 140cm with hardness grade 2. If you lack space for clothing, our bunk bed wardrobe is practical. This is mounted directly to the bed. We also offer shelves in white or gray for the bunk bed to add storage space.

High quality wood for the children's room

All of our furniture has a high standard of workmanship and materials. We use solid pine wood for our beds. The beds with drawers and sloping ceilings are made from medium-density fibreboard, pressed from finely shredded and bark-free coniferous wood.

The placement of the junior bed

When placing the bed, there are some things to consider. So you should try to reserve space on the left or right for a bedside table. This provides storage space for books, water, children's lamp or alarm clock. The bed should also not be placed directly in front of a heater. This can quickly become too warm and air circulation will be affected. The bed is also not ideally placed directly in front of a window, as draughts can occur.

Theme world through decoration and design

Create a unique themed world for your child with our beds in different designs such as castles, houses, tents, water or jungle. Incorporate different colors such as blue, pink, white or pink with the fabric curtains. It is recommended to complete the look with wall colors, wallpaper, decorations or children's bedding to create an unforgettable space for your child.